ILearn LMS for students

Free eLearning platform


For students

Virtual classroom

Join your class from anywhere, record lessons, ask questions and do homework online.

Choose the pace of learning

You are no longer dependent on other students or teachers. Now you can decide how fast or slow you want to learn the subject.

Online homework

Easily access your homework online. Complete and submit assignments on a single platform. Use more than 100 eLearning tools.

Online private lessons

Are you approaching the exam and want to improve your knowlagde on subject?  Choose one of our professional and verified tutors and learn remotely.

Personal developement

Enhance your knowledge and skills by choosing the personal development courses you are interested in, offered by hundreds of schools and professional tutors.


Chat and share information with teachers and schoolmates, qyuckly receive information about the homework and online assignments. Receive reminders and feedback from teachers.


Lesson Schedule

Convenient overviews of school lesson schedules, your scheduled courses and other calendar activities.

Digital Gradebook

You can keep track of all your grades and achievements digitally.

Progress analysis

ILearn is your personal assistant during the learning process. We will reflect on your progress and help you choose further education as well as career opportunities.

Online exams

Now you can take tests and exams without leaving your home.