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Education and Training

Implement a feature rich learning management system

Unified LMS

ILearn connects schools, businesses and tutors in a single platform. You can search, find and buy online courses and private sessions or start your eCommerce business online and offer training for others

Virtual class

Let your teachers to connect with students remotely through best in the market video conferencing platform for education, which includes virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, student engagement, question and answer sessions, recording lectures, exchanging homework and more.

Learning plans

Create individual curricula and personalized teaching methods for different departments, classes, students and teachers. Create a training schedule tailored to each academic year, semester, or course.

Online courses

Create a school self-study program for students, partners and clients. Create interactive learning materials using software and learning tools that meet international educational standards. Create simple quizzes and tests or build branching scenarios, 3D or 360 trainings for your students.

Plagiarism detector

Automatically identify the source of student-submitted content with the world's most effective plagiarism detection solutions. Manage relevance by comparing similarities with a global database.

Online Proctoring

An automated online examination and certification platform using an artificial intelligence algorithm provides a secure remote tests, qualification and general examination process, reducing the risk of student fraud by up to 96%, as well as streamlining your costs and time.


Implement an effective e-commerce process. Offer students, partners, and customers online courses or services  with a wide range of payment options. Get reports on your sales and customer activity.

Progress analysis

Manage and analyze the learning progress of teachers, classes and students, manage both individual and group reports. Receive notifications for high-risk students.


Connect with teachers, students and parents in a single platform. Receive and send news and announcements about school updates, learning process, absences and payments.

Hosting services

Save IT resources, costs and time required to implement and maintain a eLearning platform. iLearn provides fast and secure maintenance of the platform, as well as regular employee training, which is included in the price of the every package.