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Staff and Customers training

Use the most complete and convenient employee training eLearning platform, create exciting interactive courses, online training sessions, webinars and certification programs for employees and partners.

Online courses

Implement an efficient and automated  training program for customers and partners. Increase your profits by starting e-commerce and earn regular passive income. Increase your company development.

Progress analysis and Gamification

Track the training progress of your employees and partners. Introduce gamification to the learning process, motivating the learners. Receive both individual and group reports and announcements, follow sales results.

Select the most suitable candidates

Save time and resources by automating the recruitment process, selecting only the most appropriate candidates using remote filtering and candidate selection tools.

Goals and project management

Use the most effective OKR or KPI goal and achievement management tool. Let employees be involved in the company's development process and understand the company's values and vision. Keep track of employee growth. Schedule monthly and quarterly meetings, train and evaluate employees on a single platform.

Built-in Video conferencing

Use the most efficient and complete video conferencing tool. Organize online webinars, conferences, podcasts, virtual classes. Engage participants during conferences or virtual classes. Record sessions.

Qualification courses

Discover hundreds of qualification and personal developement courses and private sessions offered by other companies, schools and our professional tutors. Easily add courses to your employee training plan by selecting  training programs from the public course catalog, saving you time and resources. You can also offer your training programs to other companies and educational institutions to increase your income.

Free LMS hosting

We provide full platform maintenance and technical support so you can focus on the growth and development of your company and employees. iLearn regularly provides training for partners.