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iLearn Today -
Moodle based LMS


Virtual Classroom

Organize videoconferencing sessions to connect with your learners from anywhere. Use interactive authoring tools for both instructors and learners. Get instant feedback from Q&A sessions and record your classes to allow your learners watch them again.

Interactive Video Lessons

Create interactive video lessons in just a view clicks. Add multiple types of interactions like questions, links, drag and drop tasks and other interactions to control learners and make your videos more engaging.

Interactive Presentations

Create interactive presentations with drag and drop based authoring tool. Add multimedia, text, and many different types of interactions like interactive summaries, multiple choice questions and interactive videos. Now learners can experience new interactive learning material and test their knowledge in your presentations.

3D and 360° Learning

Create 360° lessons and virtual tours with interactions like explanations, videos, sounds, and questions. Give the learner an impression and feeling of exploring and learning within a realistic environment. 

Automated Math Quizes

Automated Math Quizes generates random arithmetic quizzes. As an instructor, all you have to do is decide the difficulty type and length of the quiz. Learners keep track of score and time spent when solving the quiz.

Interactive Quizes

Create interactive quizes to allow your learners to solve a sequence of various question types. You can combine many different question types like Multichoice, Drag and drop and Fill in the blanks in a Question set. As an instructor there are many settings you can use to make it behave just the way you want it to.

+50 Interactive Learning Modules

Join iLearn Today LMS and discover more than 50 linteractive learning modules like branching scenarios, voice recognition lessons, interactive books and more.

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