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Online Video Conferencing

High quality video conferencing platform where users can connect from any smartphone or computer. Use virtual whiteboard, group sessions, quizzes and video recording.

Interactive and 3D courses

Create interactive training modules in a few mouse clicks. Create 3D and 360-degree training and scenario modules to achieve the highest training results.

Track your training progress

Track the training progress of employees and partners. Introduce gamification to motivate learners. Receive both individual and group reports and announcements, follow sales results.

Course e-Commerce

Implement an efficient and automated company training program for customers and partners. Increase your profits by starting e-commerce and earn regular passive income. Promote the development of your company.


iLearn Solutions


For Education

Improve your knowledge and skills, take private lessons and courses online, connect to a virtual classroom, complete school homework, tests and exams from anywhere and on any device.

For Tutors

Are you an expert in what you do and want to train others? Earn, by becoming a private tutor, create courses and teach private lessons online. Reach thousands of students without any distance limitations.


For Training Centers

Use a full range of distance education tools, organize virtual classrooms, create interactive learning content, assignments, homework and lectures. Automate assessments, connect with students and track their progress. Start selling courses online.

For Schools

Implement a full range of distance education in your school as well. Create interactive learning content, implement a virtual classroom, customize individual curricula, competency structures, automate the exam and certification process. Receive automated reports for each teacher, class, and student. Implement e-commerce for school courses and services.

Students Taking Exams
Modern Work Space

For Businesses

Automate the employee training process, create an interactive learning environment, customize individual curricula, automate the employee selection process, and select the most appropriate candidates. Get individual reports. Implement eCommerce for company training courses and services. Automate the certification process.

For Parents

Reach hundreds of tutors and schools that meet your criteria - no distance restrictions. Track your child's progress and development, review grades, contact teachers and other parents.


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